Prevent Allergies By Having Wood Floors

If you or someone in your family has allergies, then the installation of wood flooring in a home is a better option than using wall-to-wall carpeting. The fibers in carpets collect a lot of debris such as skin flakes, pollen and household dust. When these contaminants build up in a home’s carpets, dust mites invade to feast on the particles of debris. Not only can someone have an allergic reaction to the debris in the carpets, but also, they can have sensitivity to a carpet’s fibers. Today, most carpets are made of man-made fibers that contain volatile chemicals that off-gas, emitting contamination that causes respiratory distress. If you want to learn more information, Fuse Flooring may be able to provide you with additional resources.

There Are Different Types of Wood Materials

Alternatively, wood flooring is a material that has been used inside homes for centuries, and it rarely causes an allergic reaction. Hardwoods that make great floors for your home include:

Red oak
• Beech
• White oak
• Maple
• Cherry
• Ash

You can also choose to use softwood tiles or planks for a home. Some of these softwoods include:

• Pine
• Cedar
• Fir
• Spruce

It is possible to have a basic wood flooring design in any room of your home, or you can create a decorative effect by using different colors or shapes of wood. Natural wood floors can give your home a rustic feeling, but you can also stain or paint the material for a modern look.

It Is Easy to Clean Wood Floors

However, the most important aspect of wood flooring is that it is easier to keep clean. When you have wood tiles or planks installed, make sure that the items are spaced closely together so that debris cannot collect in the grooves. To keep a wood floor clean, you can use a special vacuum cleaner that will not scratch the surface, but a better way is to use a dust mop or soft-bristled broom. If you have allergies, then you can remove dust and crumbs from the wood floors quickly for disposal in a wastebasket or outside.

Protect a Home’s Wood Floors

In addition to sweeping a wood floor frequently, you can mop the surface with plain water or a specialized cleanser. If you want to protect the surface of the wood flooring, then you can have it treated with protective substances that prevent the absorption of liquids. To prevent scratches on a wood floor’s surface, you can place small furniture leg pads underneath heavy items such as bed frames or couches. When you move furniture, make sure to do it carefully to avoid damaging the wood floors. Place doormats at the entranceways of your home to capture the gritty debris that collects on anyone’s shoes. If you want to learn more information, Fuse Flooring may be able to provide you with additional resources.

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