Picking the Right Style of Door for Your Home

Designing a home is difficult for a lot of people. There are many decisions to make and each one impacts the overall outcome of the project. Whether you’re remodeling an existing home or building a new home, you’ll have to pick out everything, including the entry door. The entry door sets the tone for what’s inside. When selecting your new front door, let the style of your house dictate what type of door you should use.
Modern Homes

Modern homes with a lot of glass and metal accents work well with a variety of different door styles. Glass doors that are plain, frosted or etched are great for modern homes, although they can be expensive. Most glass doors are tempered, meaning they shatter instead of break, and this adds to the cost. The glass is also thicker for security reasons and this drives up the price. If the price prohibits you from buying a glass door, consider a solid wood door without a lot of detail and paint it a bright color that adds modern appeal to your house.

Traditional Homes
Traditional or American-style homes, like those you might find in Vermont or New England, call for a specific type of door as well. While you may be able to get away with a more unique style if you’ve modified your house, a wood door is probably going to serve you best on a traditional home. Deep wood tones like mahogany, cherry and oak compliment the traditional house. If you’re looking for a door with a bit more flair, consider a wood door with etched glass inserts. If you don’t like the look of a wood entry door, buy a solid wood door and paint it in a deep muted color.

Spanish-Style Homes

Spanish-style homes are common in the Western United States where Spanish architecture plays a major role in this areas history. Spanish-style homes can support a variety of door types, but the most common is a combination of wood and wrought iron, which will give your home an authentic look. If you would prefer a wood door without the wrought iron accents, choose something that looks weathered or distressed instead. Many manufacturers specialize in distressed wood doors, but if you can’t find one in your area, considering hiring someone to paint or faux-finish the surface of the door for you.

Technical Considerations
You need to decide whether you need a pre-hung door or a slab door. A pre-hung door includes the door, hinges and door frame all as one unit. A slab door is simply the door only. You also need to decide whether you need a left or right-hand door. A rule to follow: 1) If the hinges are on the left side when you walk through the door, it’s a left-hand door. 2) If the hinges are on the right side when you walk through it, it’s a right-hand door. Entry doors are typically 36″ wide or wider. If you need a special size door, you can order it a specific size or buy the closest size and have it cut to size.

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