Decorating Your Home With Modern Furniture

Smaller is Better

The latest trend in home furnishings goes hand in hand with the concept of smaller is better. Many homeowners have been investing in smaller homes. Moreover, some have even been choosing to purchase a condominium versus the traditional home. Because of the smaller living area, the latest trend has been to decorate with smaller furniture. In the end, this decorating style keeps making quite the impact and continues forward with excellent results. You can begin decorating with modern furniture from your living room and then move on to the rest of your home.

The Living Room

The contemporary style consists of about three sofa pieces, a coffee table and an entertainment center...

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Be Daring. Design Home That’s Uniquely You.

Planned communities are great, but there is not much personality infused into numerous homes built with the same style and floor plan. A unique home style helps you express your personal style. Most unique homes incorporate their surrounding area into the home design. When the home blends into the environment, a unique design is yielded. Here are some of the most uniquely designed homes in the world:

1. Unique Beach Houses and Lake Houses

Who doesn’t love a home on the beach? There are some incredible homes featured near major bodies of water. For instance, a house is built into the stone of a mountain with a view of the ocean. The foundation is actually integrated into the stone of the mountain. The home looks as though one brisk wind could blow it off the cliff (http://weburbanist...

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